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Step into the world of Gia Chikvaidze's artistic brilliance and explore a selection of captivating artworks available for purchase. Each piece is a testament to Gia's unique vision and mastery of the craft. From mesmerizing paintings to thought-provoking sculptures, these artworks invite you to bring a touch of Gia's creative genius into your own space. Discover the beauty, emotion, and inspiration that Gia's art offers, and make one of these extraordinary pieces a part of your collection today.

Sold Art Works

Explore a collection of cherished artworks by Gia Chikvaidze that have found their forever homes. While these particular pieces are no longer available for purchase, they remain a testament to Gia's artistic prowess and the enduring impact of their work. Each of these sold artworks has found a special place in the hearts of collectors, adding to the legacy of Gia's creativity. Though these pieces may have embarked on new journeys, they continue to inspire and captivate those who were fortunate enough to acquire them.
Golden Deer Art
With finessing fingers, black aphotic wit and winged imagination, George (GIA) Chikvaidze creates a wrenching view of life's aspects entirely his own. His scenes are worried with a saturating delight for the self-satirical gasconade of human posture and illuminated with an extraordinary skill for whimsical expression. Born in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia in 1961, Chikvaidze found early guidance from the artists in his own family before studying graphics and book illustration at Tbilisi Academy of Art. Besides illustration and commissioned murals, he worked on set design for numerous theatrical and movie projects while exhibiting his work throughout Central and Eastern Europe, including expositions in Germany, Yugoslavia, Finland, Poland and Italy. He also pursued an interest in archeology on a number of expeditions in Georgia before moving to his current home in Los Angeles, California.


• Bombey Sapphire Semifinalist "Landscape With Aliens"
• Murals in daycare centers. Sherman Oaks,Northridge and Valencia,Ca
• Mural, "Villa Francheska",Maliby, California
• Scenography and scenery for "Russian Extrem" musical show,"Beyond The Star" Palace,Glendale,Ca.
• Mural in cafe "Napoleon", Studio City, CA
• Mural in restaurant "Russia", Hollywood, CA
• Mural in cafe "Rasputin", Sherman Oaks, CA
• Set designer for "Firebird"Art Festival,"City Walk",Studio City,Ca.
• Childrens book Illustrator for "Nakaduly" publishing company,Tbilisi,Rep.of Georgia.
• Set designer of movie "Big Grass".Tbilisi,Rep.of Georgia.
• "Red Ridinghood"Chief Artist ,Russian Drama Theater, Tbilisi,Rep.of Georgia

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In the vibrant world of art, Golden Deer Art is making its mark through a series of remarkable achievements and art shows. Our journey has taken us to prestigious exhibitions, where our curated collections have left a lasting impression. From international showcases to local exhibitions, our participation has ignited conversations and connected us with art enthusiasts worldwide. Stay tuned to this space for updates on our upcoming events and a glimpse into the rich tapestry of artistic achievements that define Golden Deer Art Gallery.
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