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Golden Deer Art Gallery is privileged to represent a diverse and talented group of artists who collectively breathe life into our gallery's vision. Each artist we feature possesses a unique artistic identity, honed through years of dedication and creative exploration. From the intricate delicacies of paper art to the powerful presence of sculpture, our artists span a broad spectrum of mediums, styles, and influences.

Dive into a world of creativity as you explore the profiles of our talented artists. Each artist brings their distinct flair to our gallery, whether it’s through sculptural marvels, canvas interpretations, paper artistry, mixed media experimentation, or other captivating forms of artistic expression. With a dedication to pushing the boundaries of their chosen mediums, our artists invite you to explore their portfolios, where imagination knows no limits.

Our commitment to celebrating diverse voices in the art world is unwavering. At Golden Deer Art Gallery, we believe that art is a universal language, and our artists are the storytellers who enrich our lives through their creations. We invite you to explore their individual profiles to gain insight into their unique journeys, inspirations, and the artistry that defines them.

Gia Chikvaidze

Discover the world through the eyes of Gia Chikvaidze, the cornerstone of our gallery. With a unique style that transcends traditional boundaries, Gia's work has earned international acclaim. Explore the depths of Gia's artistic universe through their portfolio and delve into the remarkable narratives woven into each masterpiece.

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